Herbal Medicine

Western Medical Herbalists are trained in the western medical sciences and take a holistic approach to well being. In my practice I am particularly interested in the mind, body axis and inter relationship between these .Although we recognise any number of people may have the same diagnosis from acne to IBS we work with each person individually in terms of understanding the cause of the problems and sourcing an approach unique to the person.

If you choose to make an appointment you will see we are trained in orthodox clinical sciences but work very much holistically helping you to unpick the factors that may cause things to worsen and also improve your wellbeing. If another discipline is indicated I will recommend that to you. I use tinctures, teas, capsules, creams, pessaries, whichever form is best indicated for you at the time. With a long term or chronic health picture we will usually review things after three weeks then monthly depending on the outcomes we are aiming for. With an acute condition we will probably only meet a couple of times examples might include urinary tract infections.

Health Problems I commonly help people with

Functional Dyspepsia Premenstrual Syndrome
Back Pain
Influenza type A and B
Acute rhino sinusitis
Common cold
Urinary Problems
Hay fever
Cardio Vascular Health
High Cholesterol
and more.......

I am a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and have been in practice for 26 years.

Qualifications and training

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Degree Health and Community Studies
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Adult Learning)
Neuro Lingustic Programing Practitioner
Diploma in Life Coaching

Current Study - Diploma in Supervision


Knowledge, patience and passion every time I have needed help or advice even when living overseas. Thank goodness for herbs thank you.

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Covid-19 Update

February 1st 2021

Currently I am offering appointments for Herbal Medicine and Counselling situations via telephone or online. After an initial discussion we can then decise which is the best way for us to do the appointment or if it is necessary...

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